ContactProximity has solutions to help you monitor the movement of people and equipment driving operational safety, efficiencies, and business continuity.

As recent events have demonstrated it is critical to understand how employees and visitors move about your facilities. ​


Our proprietary Pharus-ID application allows companies to easily authorize and track access to their facilities and within their facilities.  A real-time map displays the location of workers and equipment.  Pharus-ID also captures necessary data to perform contact tracing. The system not only shows current contact status, but also allows facility and risk managers to retrospectively see who came in contact with who, allowing targeted intervention in case of an infectious disease event like COVID-19. 


From a business continuity perspective, especially as organizations continue to prepare for getting employees back to work while managing the risks associated with COVID-19, this type of data is critical to minimizing the impacts that the pandemic can have on your operations.

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ContactProximity was formed in 2020 to help industries regain and maintain their footing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Limiting the impact of the virus and sustaining business continuity while caring for the health & safety of the workforce is critical now more than ever. 

Contact Proximity understands how important these factors are and has built solutions to address these challenges and others to keep your operations moving forward and highly productive.



Fast. Easy. Effective. 

Our vision is to provide a solution that is fast to implement, easy to utilize, and effective in practice. 


Our goal is to provide our clients with a solution, regardless of their industry, that utilizes cutting-edge technology to manage assets (employees and equipment), mitigate risk and maintain their operations while addressing the challenges and concerns presented by the COVID-19 virus.


ContactProximity’s state-of-the-art technology allows definitions of hot (red), warm (yellow) and cold (green) zones at each site a client may have. Users and assets are tracked within these zones using real-time telemetry.  Any violations are swiftly escalated. Furthermore, through AI and advanced analytics, not only are patterns identified but also retrospective analysis is enabled. 

In short, our technology is secure, scalable, state-of-the-art and ready to go to help you bring your workforce back productively and safely.

Whether you have one room to monitor or hundreds of acres to protect our proprietary technology will meet your needs – indoors or outdoors!

Why is this important? Say Acme Inc. has a workforce that is back to being productive safely. An employee reports feeling unwell on day X, and on day X + 5 tests positive for COVID. Using our state of the art contact virtual time-machine, you can analyze who that employee has meaningfully come into contact with, and rapidly perform additional testing to those that have been exposed. That way Acme Inc. has minimized exposure to rest of the employees and contractors at their project site and is able to limit the impact that the positive test has on operations.

For the techies among us, the technology uses secure AWS servers and combines it with SSL/TLS transport layer encryption. It enables an integrated mobile and web application, with analytics, workflow, user and site management. That way a corporate risk manager has full visibility across multiple sites a company may have, and site managers have full visibility into the sites they manage - seamlessly accessed via our user friendly mobile app or our intuitive web application. Our sensors and telemetry tags are extremely easy to use and follow discreet plug-and-play design principles.